Players should have to pass a IQ test before entering a Ranked game.

As the title said, Players would have to pass an IQ test before being allowed to enter a ranked game. Just a one time thing. On average, a functioning persons IQ score should lay between 85-105. Where as many of the low elo players.. well... they likely lie around 45-60 based on some of the things that come through the /all chat. Now, this thread isn't just to knock on low elo players, its a real concern for the game and its health. Hell, every IQ test I'v taken has put me between 90 and 95 so I'm on the lower end of average. But the issue lies in how toxic and unattentive players are... I have witness these thing both first hand, and via steams. One example is a player watched 3 people walk into a bush,( he was on one side and there was a ward on the other side of the bush) and face check all three of them when he had less than 10%hp, and proceeded to say "Whoops didn't think you guys were still in there" in all chat,(they walked into the bush about 4 seconds prior, they did not have baron or any kind of escape from the bush) the player in question did fine mechanically, and carried teamfights when he could stay alive, but when it came to common since the guy was.. well.. lacking. I have also seen some pretty stupid choices even in higher elo. One stream, you can find it on youtube if you try hard enough, The player(In low plat I believe) Died to the same play about 6 times, before he realized finally that he could not facetank OLD aatrox and tryndamere at the same time as an ADC... Once again, someone who did insanely well mechanically.... but maybe needed to stay a extra year or two learning common since. Just sayin. Hey, maybe if riot did it they would even keep the minimum low, around 65-70 or so, It really is just a pipe dream, but one I would Honestly love to see. Cus then people couldn't just play dumb when they did something super dumb. IDK... yeet
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