RIOT: Could we like, get more female skins please?

**incoming downvotes from sausage boys that think Lux is the only female caster champion ingame** Particularly female mage skins would be nice....but hey I'll take just a standard female skin if that's all we get. Skins released since late January: 19 MALES God-King Darius God-King Garen Sweeper Rammus Playmaker Lee Sin Sand Wraith Pyke Dark Waters Vladimir Pulsefire Shen Pulsefire Twisted Fate Teemo Beemo Conqueror Varus Badlands Baron Rumble Lancer Stratus Wukong Galio Birdio Hextech Alistar Dragon Master Swain Lunar Guardian Warwick Lunar Guardian Nasus Arctic Ops Gragas God Staff Jax 8 FEMALES Dark Waters Diana Pulsefire Riven Blood Moon Evelynn Pizza Delivery Sivir Gun Goddess Miss Fortune Bullet Angel KaiSa Resistance Illaoi Lunar Empress Lux
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