I really want to quit this game but i cant despite so many reasons

What makes this game so addictive? I should be quitting by now, matches waste 30+ minutes of my time, or 10 if we get lucky and have a successful surender. I feel unrewarded every time, unsatisfied every time. I feel like im alone, im the only person in this game who is relativly unskilled, i really suck at map awerness and paying attention. I can try and stay my lane, but if its a champion like zed or ryze or any burst damage champion, i feel like im fucked that match. And im usually right! I feel like im going against master players game after game with lightning reflexes and pattern prediction all while controlling objectives and coordinating with their team as if they were family, with the rare appearance of a player whos skill level is near mine. objectives do mean a lot, but what can you do if you have an inexperienced jungler playing against some pro diamond player despite the level difference or your fucked up mmr however that works? What do you do? Try your best and make the most of it? I waste so much of my time and effort trying to do just that and its become tiring, exaughsting and annoying when i can just pick a burst champion and play safe while making it hell for my opponent. And if that's not the worst, you have riots dumb client doing all these supersticious things to screw up your time or keep you from playing. Now me, I never had those issues, but I have a pretty good computer and its not like im everyone, other people are bound to have issues with this client. You want to know something? The loot tab still takes 8 or more seconds to open, constantly saying it cant display everthing yet, while the store opens up within a second. Lol. This has been happening since I played in 2018 by the way. Really makes you question riots work ethic on some simple stuff like this. On the bright side, i find burst champions to be the most fun and easiest to play and maintain a level lead. pretty easy to kill people when they mess up or aren't paying attention. This game has just gone down in mood and enjoyable gameplay. Why do i still have to play it? I feel like i cant stop playing because it hurts my head if i do. Jesus what the fuck is happening?? Oh and why are toxic people so good? They call you names and are just jerks In general yet they play so good like pros. Where is the sportsmanship?
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