Can we stop allowing Riot to pull things like this?

This is our "Winter" event, I assume being another version of the Naughty/Nice event we had in 2017, but with the Solari and Lunari themes instead of something actually Christmas related. - 100 Prestige tokens and an icon nobody values or cares about. - 1 Prestige Edition Skin - 4 Little legends - 4 Chromas + Icon (Doesn't include actual skin to be able to use) - 4 Borders for the chromas - Event Orb - Keys (Doesn't include an option to purchase chests, so I guess just for the toxic people who can't earn them?) - Random Champion Shard - Mystery Emote - Blue Essence The difference between this one and the last, being the PROJECT 2019 event, is that the last event had 3 more chroma skins you could earn, which were replaced with the 4 little legends options. The missions are just as generic and lazy. Win x amount of games, play x champion, kill x dragons, kill x turrets, earn x amount of gold. I don't know exactly, but I would not be surprised if they were the exact same missions, maybe with different champions you need to play. Also, I am sure some people out there like the little legends options, but why does it take up 4 of the reward slots? Give us something else instead of these things please. Teamfights tactics is it's own game. It's not a part of League of legends like ARAM or TT, it is a completely new type of game that was simply added into the League client because Riot needed to go as fast as they could to yoink the idea from Dota. Some examples are: - Finishers - A redeemable token for a skin we can choose ourselves - An option to send a gift to our friends as part of the Christmas spirit - Actual Christmas Snowdown skins - Literally anything that isn't for a completely different game I do not play or care about
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