Twisted Treeline Removal & Rotating Gamemode

With the sad news of Riot wanting to remove Twisted Treeline without any input from the grand player base, (as in your day to day leisure gamer, not pro players) I feel like they owe us one. My suggestion is that if they decide to replace TT with a rotating gamemode, allow THE PLAYERS to vote WHICH gamemode is to be released. And I mean every time there is a rotation, LET THE PLAYERS vote & choose which gamemode to play. To reduce the same mode from being selected time after time again, give it a cooldown just like champion abilities. Not sure why Riot doesn't hold player polls to begin with. It's a very simple and easy way to get in touch with their community of players rather than acting like tyrants and doing as they please. P.S. Very, very disappointed with their decision to remove TT without any sort of chance given to the players to play a part in the decision making. At the end of the day, Riot, we are your customer and business. Never forget that. Any thoughts?
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