Aatrox Prestige Skin

I just don't even know anymore. When I saw on surrenderat20 that Prestige Aatrox was going to be just pay to get not play AND pay to get I was delighted. But Riot this is just absurd. 6750RP for 40 prestige points and you need 100. You are telling me i need to spend 17k RP for basically a chroma while all the other Prestige skins were for 2k. Like are you kidding me, I saved up 4k RP to buy the prestige but now I just want to die... Riot, reduce the cost this isn't normal. If the quality was scaled according to the price i'd say fine by me but this is just Riot giving rich bois another way to flex with their mother's credit card. (And if Riot makes a PASS for prestige vayne i dont even know what i'm going to do with my life)
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