Thanks for all the support you guys are the best

Seems I can't say anything without writing a small book so TLDR: I stepped down from being a mod voluntarily and need to take a break from social media and forums and learn to love playing games again. I'll still be lurking and I love you guys. I truly never thought so many people would give a shit about my stupid problems. But seeing how big that thread got that 2nd Chance made almost brought me to tears. It really means a lot, I love all you guys, even the trolls like CJ :D (thank god I can finally say that). As some of you may have noticed I am no longer a mod. Don't worry you don't need to take up pitchforks, I did it all on my own accord. Most of the mod team really are good people who spend much more of their free time than anyone should expect trying to help fight the chaos. They fuck up from time to time, lord knows I did. But I know they all mean well even if I didn't see eye to eye with them a lot of the time. I hold no ill will towards any of them. The frostblade situation was just the final shove that I needed to make the decision that I had been considering for a while now. I haven't been happy with a lot of things on the boards and seeing just how bad things are from the other side made it worse. I didn't like seeing how people I considered friends acted behind peoples backs. I didn't like how we felt more like hammers every day and everyone else were looking like nails. I constantly asked myself "why am I doing riots job for free without even a word of thanks from them and almost zero technical support." These boards have less functionality than the dead sea scrolls. Almost anything that would allow us to delete less and moderate in ways that would preserve the history of the boards were hampered by technical issues that are just in perpetual "can't do that we don't have the tech". The most successful smol indie game in the world can't even bother to throw a janitors salary at their own platform and instead of interacting with their own community they just drop us a link to reddit. The board that made it clear they don't want our input and will delete it with no warning and no reason. At this point it isn't even about the skin anymore for me, sure its shit. It was the only skin of the entire line that was replaced with a completely different one. And no tweaks will make it what it was. It was the fact that so many people not just me on these board spent so much time trying to reason with riot. My thread wasn't full of rage and reeeee, it was reasonable and almost all of the replies were in the same vein. But instead of even bothering to copy paste their statement they just drop us a link to reddit. That is the full extent of their interaction with us. They tell us they are afraid to use their own boards because we are soooo mean. Well it is a self fulfilling prophecy, when they do things like this how do they think people will act? Even if they had come here and said, its done, its not changing, too bad so sad. I could have accepted that if they had at least tried to have a discussion with us. I admitted as much in my OP that I knew there was little hope of getting the frostblade so many loved back but that riot needed to see that open dialog with us was the only way to prevent things like this from happening in the future. And they showed me loud and clear that even with the support of hundreds of other posters they have no interest in dirtying their hands with our stink. In the end I think it might have been a good thing for me personally. I was an avid gamer since I was 5 years old back with the original mario bros on nintendo. But somewhere along the line I stopped playing games and just started talking about them on forums. I've spent 20x as much time on these boards than I have in the game that I still love playing. I'm sick of my steam library piling up with sales that I buy and never play. So I am going to retreat to my panda hidey hole for a while and go back to being a lurker while I attempt to get gud at league for the first time ever. Social media and forums have taken up too much of my life and even though I doubt I'll ever be able to truly break free from them. I want to reconnect with the thing that got me excited in the first place, the games. I'll still be around and drop in from time to time to lay out some spicy banter but I just need some time off from this place and the world of shitposting. In the meantime keep being awesome GD and hold the fort until I get back.[/img]

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