RIOT Just blocked my account for asking help in transfer

hello there my name is dekel and i play leauge lots of time, i had spend a lot of time and hours on this game and brought so much friend to play it on the 3rd of august 2018 i wanted to transfer my account to EUNE to play with some friends. as u know there is a problem with the account transfer right now so i did what every sane person would do and what i did is to ask help from the pepole in the support team that riot is so proud of, ive opend a ticket in techincal issues, they closed my ticket and told me to go to account recovery which is what i did, and then all of a sudden the riot employe named MARLEDFOX just blocked my account and ask me question about the origins of the account. i told them the truth that i wasnt the original person the opened the account and that i was given this account by a friend of mine. i answered everything i know. also i told them the email of the account and i even have acsess to the verifed email which is just for cases like this!! it wasn't enough for MARLEDFOX which in return just banned my account. isnt this crazy? he suspended my account when i just asked help in transfer and asked why isnt this basic option is working.. i spend alot of money and time on this account and the last thing i want to do is to lose it that is why im coming here asking for help. u know how precious an account can be to someone so if you see this don't let is pass you il just play with my friends in this region until the problem is fixed . and i wont ever ask riot support for help. here is the reply from the rioter: Crud, I'm really sorry, but because you've said your friend created the account originally, we're not able to** help you out with a recovery**. We're only able to assist the original creator of an account, or the one who registered the account at signup. Is it possible for your friend to write in to us to get further help? Please understand account sharing of any kind is against our Terms of Use, and will get the account eventually suspended. You can view the full League of Legends Terms of Use at: MarledFox Riot Games Player Support the funny thing is that i didnt ask recovery!! i have all the login deatils and im actively playing on this account so MARLEDFOX if this board reach u. hear me out and lift this ridiculous suspension and bring me my account back.{{summoner:3}} {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
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