I Really Love Riot

Disclaimer: I'm not one of those players who've been here since season 2, i started playing when Xayah and Rakan released. That being said, i love how active Riot is in patching and fixing their game. A lot of people complain that they aren't doing enough fast enough, but to be fair, they have a lot of stuff on their plate. Whenever i hear someone complain about Rito, i just look at Overwatch. Since i made the switch, Overwatch has gotten 2 heroes. One is trash tier. Another has yet to be released. League has gotten 5 champs, 4 of which are completely. iable in most situations and the last one is only not viable because it's preseason. They've also reworked a champ because she wasn't perfect. That took Blizzard like 4 months to do and even then they did a terrible job (for more info on terrible balancing, look up Mercy from launch to now). Oh yeah, and Blizzard's forums suck. Fucking Riot! Stop being great, you're making Blizzard look bad!
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