I was unjustly banned, my states League Of Legends Tournament is in 2 days and im crying please help

Ive posted this in multiple boards for more help...please im begging I was just banned for quite literally such a stupid reason, chat logs and im balling my eyes out, sorry if text is badn I can barely see. I was playing with a friend of mine and I was practicing jungle my role and got tilted at my trolling inting laners and out of no where im banned...please for the love of god look at the chat logs is this taht bad... Game 1 In-Game Exp3ctations: lvl 2 gank top Exp3ctations: well Exp3ctations: dude? Exp3ctations: how? Exp3ctations: can any lane win? Exp3ctations: outplaayed Exp3ctations: YAS Exp3ctations: FREE KILL Exp3ctations: you let me die btw Exp3ctations: that death is on you Exp3ctations: ysa can you stay in lane Exp3ctations: please Exp3ctations: mp Exp3ctations: no Exp3ctations: yeah Exp3ctations: yes Exp3ctations: yas please man Exp3ctations: DUD Exp3ctations: STOP CHAISNMHG Exp3ctations: LMAO Exp3ctations: WHEN YOURE THE ONE WHOSE INTING Exp3ctations: REALLYU Exp3ctations: FUK YOI Exp3ctations: boosted yasuo gg Exp3ctations: No he doesnt Exp3ctations: its teh other way around Exp3ctations: BOOSTED YASUO CNAT EVEN LAND Qs Exp3ctations: can we ff Exp3ctations: he fukked this game Exp3ctations: BECAUSE IT SHOULDNT HAPPEN IN RANKED AT ALL Exp3ctations: can we afkl Exp3ctations: please Exp3ctations: we lost Exp3ctations: Let me and I quote yasuo let me conentrate Exp3ctations: LMAO THAN WHY DID I KILL YOU GUYS SO MANY TIMES Exp3ctations: boosted yas Exp3ctations: Strikes again Exp3ctations: no you arent Exp3ctations: otherwise you wouldve stopped Exp3ctations: lmao im the toxic when when you said come help me mid you tard Exp3ctations: love league honestly Exp3ctations: open mid Exp3ctations: than why do I have less deaths and more kills Exp3ctations: for what playing the game Exp3ctations: lmao so fair this game Exp3ctations: btw live on Twitch.tv/Expect Exp3ctations: /Exp3ct Exp3ctations: all the inting glory on here Exp3ctations: sending the clips to riot support Exp3ctations: 4 Exp3ctations: dead again Exp3ctations: it was gg at 5 minutes Post-Game Exp3ctations: well gg Exp3ctations: come watch the vod on my twitch Exp3ctations: sending to rito soon btw Game 2 Pre-Game Exp3ctations: ???? In-Game Exp3ctations: why do you have to troll bot Exp3ctations: it better be Exp3ctations: im gonna be pissed thats about all Exp3ctations: yeah but ezreal coulda just went support Exp3ctations: okay Exp3ctations: win lane then :) Exp3ctations: lol Exp3ctations: my b Exp3ctations: DUDE Exp3ctations: PLEASE Exp3ctations: Yorick Exp3ctations: please land skillshots Exp3ctations: 2 adcs is a good botlane guys Exp3ctations: 2 ADcS iS a GooD BotLaNe Exp3ctations: THAN SIT UNDER TURRET Exp3ctations: imagine if you had a soraka with silence and a heal???? Exp3ctations: gg no bot lane Exp3ctations: Mf CouNteRs ZyRa Exp3ctations: holy fuk thanks for feeding him yorick Exp3ctations: do you not see the three assists Exp3ctations: for a jungler thats 3 kills Exp3ctations: omg youre Support is 0 adn 4 Exp3ctations: Theres your kill chief Exp3ctations: so one of our main sources of damage doesnt have a single item yet Exp3ctations: still a smart support pick Exp3ctations: dor wanting to win and you troll me? Exp3ctations: I got mid the first kill of the game what do you mean Exp3ctations: and I ganked you twice just so you could die to a nasus a level belowyou Exp3ctations: do oy Exp3ctations: now' Exp3ctations: YORICK Exp3ctations: DO SOMETHING USEFUL Exp3ctations: in team fights i mean Exp3ctations: CC the akali Exp3ctations: gj on turrets Exp3ctations: honestly Exp3ctations: BOP Exp3ctations: |GG Post-Game Exp3ctations: gg Exp3ctations: LMAO Exp3ctations: ELECTROCUTE YI Exp3ctations: BOOSTED RUINS honestly...im scared please boards or ANTYONE help me I need to help my team and im crying sooo hard right now...and im sorry I was mad...is this fair....
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