Lord Morde and Skin value

One more futile post. The work that you guys do is amazing, its just a shame you limit yourselves this time. Pentakill Morde is 975rp Lord Morde is 975rp Why hasn't Lord received as much work? At this point I'm not even asking for it anymore, I'm just trying to understand why it was neglected. It had so much potential and almost became an amazing skin, but it's held back by clashing purple and green vfx colors. It would have been so simple to fix, and yet it wasn't. The issue clearly wasn't time/manpower, so what was it? I've heard that it messes with skin values, but that makes no sense to me either. Infiltrator Irelia and Frostblade Irelia both received work worthy of 1350rp skins, despite both being 975rp in value. Why has the value of older skins suddenly become so important? If the values are to remain separate, wouldn't it be good to have an actually dividing line between 975rp and lower skins, not just 1350rp and less? I kind of picture the changes like this: Ultimate: Particles, recolor, model, animations, minigames/extra stuff, sounds, dialogue, recall 1820: Particles, recolor, model, animations, sounds, dialogue, recall 1350: Particles, recolor, sounds, recall 975: Maybe a few particles, recolor 750: Little to no particles, recolor 520 and less don't really get anything. Don't get me wrong, I'm really happy that Infernal got updated, but only its passive received real direct treatment. The rest of the vfx on his kit is from pentakill, and that's fine. It looks great, no complaints here. Whatever, I'll have fun playing Morde regardless. Three of his skins just won't be as nice to look at as the others. I'll be definitely buying any new skins that get released for this amazing rework.
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