Why doesnt Dark Star Karma have chroma specific Ultimate colorings like other champions?

Imagine you are playing the green Dragonmaster Swain Chroma and then you activate your ultimate and .... turn into a red dragon? Luckily, you are turning into a fitting green Dragon with your green chroma, but thats not how it works for Dark Star Karma? No matter which chroma you choose for Dark Star Karma, her ultimate form is always the same. Its always the one of her base form. Why are other Champions granted chroma specific colorings for their ultimates, but not Karma? I was looking forward having distinct ultimate forms for Dark star Karma, but its really just the base texture for each chroma. Why is that so? I feel that each chroma needs their own specific ultimate coloring to make the chromas feel complete. Right now they just feel like half of a chroma. Riot, please, before you officially release Dark Star Karma, give her chromas more love! (Also please make her W and RW more distinguishable)
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