Losing Games because of AFK or DC

I am here to voice the problem that there are too many games lost because of people who leave or dc. Whether it is a rage quit, an afk, a dc, or whatever. When someone leaves a 4v5 ensues and it is mostly a loss for the team of 4. I have lost around 5 of my 10 most recent games this way. For someone who generally wishes to learn and improve in the game, this is disconcerting. No matter my skill, attitude, or teammates. If one person leaves and we are forced to give free LP to the enemy and lose LP ourselves this is unreasonable. I submitted a ticket for this very issue and was told there is no fix. The game is 10 years old and there is no solution. How? I can think of several solutions this moment and I have none of the experience of any of the developers at Riot. 1) If a team loses a player and becomes a 4 person team then they should be offered the chance to ff for no loss of LP, or to play on and lose the original amount of LP as if they are a 5. This gives the team the decision of continuing the madness if they want to test their luck or going on their way. I have recently tried to utilize the early ff when a player DCs and the support ticket responders told me "there is no ff option if the dc'ed player is still trying to reconnect". A result of this developer decision is I have lost several games TRYING to early ff before the 2+ minute mark. To no avail. 2) If a team becomes 4 then give them an extremely lowered LP loss, such as 3-5 LP. Something negligible so their efforts in playing the game are not so inaccurate. How do we know if we are improving when we lose game after game in pointless 4v5? Someone may say "Just ff then and move on". But the point is, you still lose all of that LP even if you "move on". And then you are in a hole and keep spiraling. Even with a break to get untilted. This is not a tilting issue. I am sure someone wants to point out, "It is not that easy to fix, you don't know because you aren't a game developer". Well, LA-Dee-DAH Captain Obvious, I am not a developer but at least I have some options. I have been offered no fixes by any Riot employee or support ticket responder. Hopefully, this board can gain some traction so the league doesn't have to keep losing players. Anyways, thanks for reading if you did.
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