Any good Skyrim Immersion/Overhaul mods?

Had to delete and reinstall my modded Oldrim, encompassing various mods from 2015- 2018 including various versions of: -Alternate Start -Requiem -Frostfall -Campfire -Hunterborn -Realistic Needs & Diseases -Complete Alchemy & Cooking Overhaul -Crafting Overhaul Remade -Advanced Mining -Wet & Cold -Immersive Horses/Armor/Weapons -The dozens of patches it takes to run all these together semi-stable I understand there are other combinations of Skyrim overhaul and immersion mods, and alternatives that essentially do the same as what I have. iNeed, SkyRe, Ordinator, etc. Anyone have any good anecdotes about any combination of these mods? I pretty much play it as a hunting sim with a merchant mechanic, but any kind of skill overhaul or alternate skill exp system is interesting to me.
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