I don't understand the attitude in league

Alright, So after what 9 season of playing league, I still dont understand the attitude of people. I know I suck, why im bronze-gold for my league journey. But, what i fail to understand, is why MOST...not all...but most, players feel as if they throw a fit and type that their going to win the game. I mean I guess living in a small town it maybe diffrent to the rest of the world. But to tell someone to go Kill yourself, over a simple mistake in a video game....makes me think alot of league players have deep seeded mental issues. For awhile I thought this was only a problem in ranked, Well little did i know, Its also in Norms.....and my favorite...Bots. How do you even flame people in bots. And i have seen this a time or two in bots when playing with a friend who does bots only...Go play practice tool and learn your champ scrub....Like just simply WOW. Like Legally, If you tell someone to go kill themselves and they do....least in the US...you can be held legally responsible and be sent to federal prison. Do you not think riot will not give your ip to the authorities. While I do understand that the game is played by children, and we have a mute option. At no point should anyone have to put up with verbal threats in a game.... and Even if reported, Riot does nothing, or if they do, they still allow them to make another account with the same email to start again. want proof....they gave tyler1 a job at riot... While i know a topic like this will attract a less then savory group of people....I am a type of person who has to understand the logic to something. As at the end of the day, unless your the top 10%, its just a game that has ZERO impact on you real life....its like whos line is it anyway Welcome to League of legends , the game where everything's made up and the points don't matter. Show some respect and learn to keep your mouth shut....and i promise you will watch your win rate go up...... Better yet Youtube Sky Williams DST AND WATCH you get out of your elo just by doing that.
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