When i see Blizzard/WoW classic i just understand that they care more for their playerbase than Riot

Okay Blizzard made a lot of mistakes and the game evolved however they tried to not spit a lot on their veterans and they decided to finally listen to them. Perhaps the reason that made Blizzard and WoW a success on the long term is because the company cared to keep their old playerbase. Your old playerbase is your core playerbase, it's the players which if the game doesn't change too much they will stay "forever". Riot doesn't seem to care about Veterans and old players and they prefered to invest for new players... Most of the changes that Riot made to the game in the recent years were extermely big and impactfull on the game and veterans/old players disliked many of them. Those changes were mostly focused on attracting new players, viewers and on the E-sports Scene. Most of the new players which joined league after those changes were or are the players which would or will leave for other games quickly. It is not wise to invest on this kind of players. Blizzard decided to do the same but they weren't spiting to their veteran playerbase they listenend to their feedback and even Gave them a Fucking WOW classic... They had to recode and do the game again... Why can't fucking Rito games look at their nemesis and do the same ? YOU WANT YOUR PLAYERS BACK ? YOU WANT FUCKING MONEY ? DO A CLASSIC VERSION OF YOUR GAME BASED ON AN OLD SEASON AND FIND A WAY TO GET MONEY FROM IT ! I'm tired to play a Version of LoL made for COD kids and players that are too lazy or unable to create and think about a rune page and mastery page... I want to play the real LoL, a game with more outplays, more strategies, more tunarounds and longer games ! New generations only want fast things fast queue fast games fast climbing and fast ranks. You know what ? if you want climbing to be fast and easy what's the point succeeding in it ? Getting a rank should be a long and difficult process not an easy and fast process. You have to deserve it and one of the reason lol has became dull and lost a part of its fun it's because of people wanting to shorten the game lenght and Riot listening to them... The last 3 years changes increased the one sided effect in games and it helped games to resolve faster and it increased a lot the frustration when you are playing. don't tell me that the fucking : - Unfair baron buff on minions (if you have a worse teamfight comp you will not be able to contest it and the buff is so strong on pushing that you might lose only because of your team comp) - Drake buffs (same story) - the increased amount of damage and snowball - the defensive stats of turrets being reduced Don't tell me that those didn't impacted the game and made the games shorter and more frustrating to play ?
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