League of Legends isn't fun anymore. (Mainly Ranked)

I've been playing league since late season 3 and i'll be honest it's never been a perfect game. But at least then, the troll's and the trashy players weren't as big of a problem because the game was actually somewhat fun. Since then players have grown more and more irritated with Riot's decision making and balancing of the game to the point it's spilled over into the game play. If the game isn't fun why would someone want to waste 30 plus minutes in a game that no one is enjoying. The match making is awful and almost feels like it is putting you intentionally with bad players. The balancing, often feels like it is primarily done just for pro players/lcs. And the champions and lore for me at least feel so different from what I originally played/read them as that I have no interest in most champions anymore along with their story and lore. I can understand updating them so that they don't become completely useless over time. But, constantly changing champions personality and voices ruins the feeling I used to have while playing them and, makes me feel like i'm playing a completely different character. I feel as though the game is getting no where fast. It saddens me to see the game like this given that the game was something I truly used to enjoy and was 100% willing to spend money on and grind for hours on even with the toxicity. I hope Riot gives my and many others opinions on this some listen I really don't want to see this game ruined. {{item:3070}}
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