In the nicest way possible, the balance team and ranked design team is absolutely clueless.

This seasons actually a joke. I love the game but as for a competitive standpoint, this is the worst season ever. Riot can't balance anything correctly, or hardly anything instead they try to focus on marketing new champions and skins than worrying about the community. They're going to make this game burn, and all I can do is sit by and watch as they fix nothing and suck the last bit of money they can off this game. The matchmaking design is also a joke. I've been in multiple games where the enemy team statistically is a hundred times better, it feels set up, Having a gold 1 standard team comparent to a gold 3 standard team is a big difference. And it happens a lot. Lp is broken, matchmaking is broken, this game is falling apart. I love it, but it's being ruined by the devs. I could make a better ranked system and balance the game better with a toddler. Maybe if the ranked team played the game, they'd understand the outcry from the community. "You don't have to play the game in order to balance it". -Medder and Ghostcrawler. It's obvious they don't play the game, its in such a bad state. Riot always insists matchmaking is balanced, but i beg to differ with tons of games to prove it. getting four absolute feeders, and you're the only one playing decently well, consistently, or as well as you can with two fed enemies, if not 3 or 4. But yeah, good job, keep it up, can't wait to see what you do to push the final nail in the coffin for season nine :), final statement, NERF FUCKING HECARIM HE'S BEEN BROKEN FOR AT LEAST 5 PATCHES NOW, GET IT TOGETHER. Not going to even get into vi and shadow assassin. Listen to your community, maybe have votes for buffs and nerfs. Or you'll kill the game. Not that you guys care anymore anyways. #BringBackSeason7.
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