What's the point of investing in this game anymore?

Great, you can flash another skin on a champ you'll probably only play occasionally, unless you're OTP'ing it. Otherwise, why invest in a game that changes dramatically every month or two? I speak as someone who played this game since season 3, and it brought many good memories. In recent seasons, it's gone completely downhill, and there's like 10 other posts on a daily basis that attest to this. One month you're playing something and the next it could be completely worthless, be it some broken addition to the game like early-release items, which they won't patch for half a year, busting your champ like {{champion:39}} or {{champion:84}} unless you play blind pick, or reworking them into something you really detest playing. Having taken a lengthy break playing GTA V or Fortnite, they both bring something fresh to their games without making me regret any purchase. GTA dlc is free and usually worth investing the time into because it's usually enjoyable without corrupting anything else you'd rather do in the world, and Fortnite purchases aren't pay-to-win and seeing as any skins you buy only affect the one generic character you play, you don't have to worry about sudden reworks or changes to their attributes. This game? Hell, to this day I still permaban Neeko simply because I don't want to see that cancer in my games; it goes completely against the theme and experience I originally sought after in this game. As do most of the changes in this game. And I highly doubt most of you ever asked for any of these big changes/additions to the Rift every season, but I guess something has to help cover for the god-awful power balance in this game. They DID make nice changes like the unique jungle monsters that offer different abilities 3 seasons ago I believe; such as smiting Gromps/Golems/Birds/etc. granted different effects like monster stuns or vision of your buff; that was cool and actually offered another healthy realm of strategy to think about as a jungler. Nah, let's get rid of that and add random fucking blast cones so we can narrow down the list of viable junglers that need to play more passive early and open the gates to early-game dominant junglers invading you level 2-3 much easier! Let's release a scuttle that bumps a level on you and is thus single-handedly capable of starving the enemy jungler, requiring your teammates to help kill that one stupid creature so they don't gain an absurd lead on your team. Assassins aren't nuking ADCs in 0.5 seconds; they're only doing it in 2! Let's add {{item:3147}} ! Armor penetration? Too simple; let's mindlessly complicate it all by reworking it as lethality into some flat+percentage value. Holy fucking shit, if not the balance team, the content designers need to stop vaping whatever shit they're smoking. Who's coming up with this stuff? But I digress. Players don't want CONSTANT change every 2 weeks or big changes every few months or a completely reset every season. But as long as people support them by buying their random pajama party skins (wtf) or whatever fruity shit they come out with to distract you from the real issues that got you interested in a MOBA as utterly (and pointlessly) complex as this in the first place, they'll never seriously address them.
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