Guess the champ.

Dash dash dash, miss Q, wait 3 secs, miss Q again, doesn't matter I got a massive shield for 1 second anyways in case my buttload of dashes have failed me. Oh, ate some damage past my shield and dashes and missed another Q I can cast every 2 seconds with Shiv, time to heal it all back up with Ravenous Hunter and taste of blood, NP. I'm almost dying and my 3 Q's weren't enough to 100-0 that midlaner, better stall out with some more dashes out to recharge that shield, maybe I can finally land a Q, get another fat shield, 1/3 of my enemy's health, and an armor shred just to be safe while my enemy is also CC'd for the duration of the knock upsI can spit out every 6 seconds after I get shiv.
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