How Bad Does Your Matchmaking Have To Be?

Honestly Riot, I wanna know? Most of the games I play consist of unranked players, iron, or bronze players. Mind you I'm in Silver elo, which is far from great but still not as bad as how iron and bronze players are. So again, how the hell am I getting stuck with players like this and yet when I look at the enemy team, they consist of silver, gold and I've even come across a plat player? But I'm getting stuck with teammates who are at the lowest elo? I'm legit on a losing streak, which isn't fun! And every time I've looked at my teammates again, unranked, iron or bronze. So why the hell am I getting so many of those kinds of players when I'm higher elo then that?!?! Fix your matchmaking! This is not a new problem! This is something that has been an issue for a long time. Like I've said in comments before. I like skins and new champs but stop focusing so much on all that and work on making your game actually good and reliable. Honestly! Don't you guys make enough money right now?! {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
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