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Hello guys, I wanna ask you to help me find my new main champion. For the understanding, I will list here champs that I´ve mained and why did I stop :). Garen: Ohh boi ohh boi. I played Garen as my first champion, I also remember destroying Rivens with maxing Q (it had 3.5s silence lvl 5) with Brutalizer. Now he got the rework I still love him, but he is picked, or banned in most games... Or you play against Kayle.. Udyr: Phoenix stance - back when I had Sated Devourer and Feral flare this champion was my main, I could carry games with him. Basically without proper runes and with this "adaptive dmg" and also with early game orientation Phoenix Udyr is not viable IMO Zyra: My biggest Fall In Love champion in League. I played her a lot, old one and the new one as well. When they removed the old runes she lost all the magic penetration build. She got furthermore gutted by the ap item rework, basically loosing 75% of her early game power. She got, by riot, oriented only to be played as a burst support - that is something that I still rant about... Maokai: I played a lot of Maokai back in the days, when he could be played as an AP champion. Sadly Riot killed this possibility completely. The old ult was OP, and I mean it. I really like this champion, I tried him again, but with the counter pick to win meta in the top lane, you are basically a sitting duck. Aatrox: I played the old Aatrox, he has easy mechanics and was effective in the way you wanted him to be. Akali: Same as Aatrox, new Akali just doesnt do it for me. Irelia: Because she was simple. Thats basically it. I am here since S1, and I remember 95% ban rate Kassadin, or the hotfix nerf on Zyra. I have a problem, that old champions are getting reworked, and I am really bad with mechanically hard champs. You can see above, my hardest main camp was Zyra. I am trying to play different champions, but I cannot find any that would have the same feel for me. Also I cried a lot of times about the new direction that was picked for Zyra, while being neglected as a proper mid laner. I wanna ask you, if you have any suggestion for a champion, that I should try out :), I know this was kinda a rant, but thank you for keeping up with me. P.S. I have every champ in the game, and I dont like ADCs.
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