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So with that out of the way, lets get on with my match. I got mid, so i decided to play ziggs. So far so good i love poking. Now support wants talon and mid, before i can say sure, he autolocks talon. I say that was kind of rude. He says lmao ok bronzy and 2 of my team call me a noob and join him. Alright, i have iron skin i just play for the enjoyment! I go mid after talon says jk imma sup so i buy my stuff. Go to mid and find out he wants mid again and he has no sup item. I have to sell my thing after taking some farm from bot which they tell me to gtfo. I buy sup and see that nunu and swain are bot. I try to respect nunus early dominance but fail to a flash ignite uproot, followed by his ultimate. Now i admit i had burned my flash a while ago avoiding his stunt, but i had less than a second to react to that uproot. Now if you watch the rest of the game, you will see mistakes and such that hindered my team, but i made no effort to be toxic. The match however, made me quit for the day because everyone was just so toxic for absolutly NO reason. None whatsoever. This game is hard to play and emotionally dangerous.
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