I want an explination about how Tryndamere is a good champion concept

Hint hes not. Lemme give brief explanation on why, first off his passive, tons of damage from just autos plus with the conquer rune it makes it so thatt he does more with true damage (sometimes). q heals a but ton so even after you trade hes gonna bring half the hp you delt to him him. W is fine (no really some people complain about the slow but its not that bad) E is just anoying cuz he will either e in and do a crit auto or can e out and have a safe escape (also the fact its cd gets reduced every time he crits and they lowerd the cd) and last his R. O boy, yes its cancerious but at the same time people say "O its easy to counter tryn you just cc him" but when he has an R that not only makes it so that he cannot die BUT can be pressed while under cc what can you do? Also the fact that tryn with {{item:3031}} makes it so he does more true damage is kinda anoying (not really tilted by this) But last what I have to say is that Riot you have said and told us that when creating a champion they have risks and the higher the risk the higher the reward (ex {{champion:39}} hard to play but godlike if you know how to play it {{champion:55}} squishy but godlike if played right {{champion:41}} absolutely terrifying if he can land the barrels but is really squishy) so what is the risk with {{champion:23}}. He does high crit, heals, cant die (with a better ult then {{champion:266}}) and has a dash so you escape without notice so he is all reward no risk. Tryn players change my mind. Also when writing this post I thought of 2 ways tryn's ult could be balenced. 1) make it like Ga and he cant move when reviving 2)make it like aatroxes ult.
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