Master Yi needs a Rework

Master Yi should recibe a rework that adds difficulty to the champion. I agree that Master Yi should have high damage but at least add difficulty to the champion. Make a champion that can make mistakes and be punished for them, not one that is point and click and amazing rewards. I just finished a game against a diamond friend in my alternative account using master yi in a 1 vs 1 and I beated him in an easy way. My friend always has good KDA and some times carry his team, he knows how to play, he brought a champion with a lot of cc to defeat my master Yi but he couldn't even when he landed all his skillshots correctly and with perfect timing. Sure, It is fun to right click a champion and let your champion do the rest, that is the essence of Master Yi, or maybe click in someone to use your Q and be invulnerable while doing lots of damage to everyone, and don't worry because you can't miss Q, you can't miss W, you can't miss E, not even R. I wanted to try for myself which many of my friends say that is suppose to have a broken kit, and I don't know your opinion but I think they are Right. At least tryndamere has 1 skillshot which doesn't make him invulnerable. I know some of you are going to tell that if Master Yi is removed 15% of Lol's players are going to unistall the game because He is one of the most fun champions which offers rewards with literally no skill, and makes you think you are good at the game, and you enjoy the game even if you are the worst player in Lol, but think how the other players feel about not having any posibilities to outplay him because of how he is. He is not toxic, He is not annoying, His kit is broken. He is not as bad as other champions in early game, he is great and powerfull in midgame, and he is the god of the Late Game. No other Late Game champions is actually so powerful and has no skill-shots. Some of you are probably going to tell me just CC him a lot, It will stop him if he is half hp, but if he is full hp he is going to kill you even if you stun him 2 times, and he has W to make this happen, full health almost everytime you face him. You trade with him? W. You try to oneshot him? W. You could say... Just focus him and use all the CC on him but while you and your teammates do that, the other enemy players will take adventage of it. It is interesting how you need all a team focusing him to kill him while his allies kill your team. He received another buff 1 month ago like he wasn't strong enough and now more people play him. Why will you rather playing a hard champion when you can use Master Yi which requires no skill and win. The only way you can be stopped is if he plays extremely bad or if your team has a really good composition, synergy, and understanding but that is not going to happen most of the times. Just want to know your opinions, many of you will agree with me and many disagree. Whichever your concluision is, comment your thoughts below and let me know your position in this Inequality.
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