9.3 Huge Changes to Vi discussion

League of Legends patch 9.3: Vi overhaul and Irelia buff
The 2019 ranked season is officially underway, and that means that League of Legends patch 9.3 has arrived on the PBE. In comparison to the League of Legends patch 9.2 notes, the changes on offer this time around are pretty small, fitting into Riot's schedule of following major patches up with smaller patches intended to focus primarily on individual champion balance.
Hello Riot and the players of League, I wanted to clearly state my concerns to {{champion:254}}and the absolute destruction to this champion. From the link post in this, you can clearly see the amount of nerfs coming to {{champion:254}} , with a few quality life buffs. **Buffs:** New passive is 12 seconds at all time, but with more AS, you can now lower it for each denting blow hit; Her Q applies a Denting Blow so you can lower it by 6 seconds pretty fast. This is great and approved. It also increases with her health (shield up 5%). Excessive Force (E): Now can crit, which is good. AP ratios up by 20% and AD ratios lowered by 5%; good balance I guess. Denting Blows (W): Sees an overall (rank 5) increase of 10% bonus AS; but has a 10% less AS at rank 1. **Nerfs:** Vault Breaker (Q): Damage changed to 20/60/100/140/180 + 140% total AD from 110/160/210/260/310 + 160%. (No longer reduced damage to minions and monsters) _This is a sizable nerf to her main ability that really needs to stay as it is and remove the stupid slow to her. This ability is her pre-6 gap closer that actually hurts her as she is often forced to do Q>Flash engage to get a kill on skilled players as she is so slow holding the Q down. Also the damage to minions and monsters is decreased as the base value is so low that even the removal of reduced damage means we deal less damage. This basically has made this ability the worst of the abilities now._ Assault and Battery (R): Damage increased to 150/325/500 + 110% bonus AD) from 150/300/450 + 140% AD. No longer deals damage to additional targets. CC duration on secondary targets increased to 0.75 seconds from 0.25 seconds. Knockback distance on secondary targets increased to 400 units from 250. We see small buffs like the increase seconds of the CC after you land and the knock back. However, These are HUGE nerfs to this ability. I did some basic math and you need less than 200 AD to basically make this ability weaker than current ult. Not only do we do no damage to people we fly past (but lee sin ult can hurt people that he kicks them into ???), but the flat damage output his so low, she also has no escape once she ults. **Discussion:** It is clear what Riot is trying to force {{champion:254}} into; Crit items and become an assassin diver. The issue is they created the old {{champion:5}} . affect; aka you dive and die as you cant escape or have any tools to protect your self. When our current assassins dive in, they have tools in their kit to back out. Vi has no kit as she will need to use her Q to add an additional CC to her target after the use of her Ultimate. On top of this, the Crit items suck. Almost every single crit item being proposed to be changed are FLAT NERFS to their current standards and as they are reverted, are weaker than their Season 6-7 standards. Overall, {{champion:254}} is being hit with some quality life changes; but the 2 abilities that matter (Q & R) are being destroyed and {{champion:254}} as a champion will be destroyed by these changes. She is already B tier in the jungle and she has no real lane phase. She needs all of her kit to be buffed, not nerfed in order to become viable in Jungle or a Lane champion.
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