Why I've quit League of Legends after 7 years.

So this isn't a sob story, its not an attention seeking story either I just want to voice my opinions and be heard. (English is not my best language sorry) So i'm a silver player, i'm not good i'm OK i'd say i don't get loads of time to play so when i do, i kind of try to make the absolute most of it i'm generally quite positive, i dont rage and i commend great players when they deserve it. However, the seasons have passed and season 4, i felt as though if you team was bad you can still carry, you can still do something or just play it out because people throw in silver right? This season, this new 'meta' Every game feels as though if you die 3 times, the lane is done now people can argue build tank or play safe or whatever but theres no denying that there is a dominating feeling of helplessness.. And that in turn leads to rage and toxicity and i've actually gone from being chilled relaxed and enjoying myself to.. tbh a pretty angry guy getting upset at my teammates, getting upset at myself really so theres no denying that i've actually become a toxic person, i've moved backwards in my league of legends progression. **Champion reworks/Nerfs ** i've mained many champions, urgot, gangplank, taric and galio.. and i've grown attached to these champions and invested so much time in trying to get better per-say but i take a break for a week and comeback to see my favorite champion has been reworked and is now permabanned for weeks.. so i find another main that i enjoy.. invest time into that and they get nerfed to the ground... after ive just bought a skin which is a big sigh for me since the RP price change. **The Matchmaking** I'm probably the only person who doesnt play ranked because people tilt, people troll and theres just a general environment of volitile explosions if you die you're told to get cancer, if you get fed and fail to carry you're bad, if you stay positive all game the opposition hits you with HAHAH YOU ARE SO BAD GG EZ And i'm sure we all know that dude who runs it down mid on your promos? and you dont get into gold because of it in general it becomes undesirable to subject yourself to it in the end. So i play normals.. And with me being a silver player i am not good, i'm below average i often like to check my opposition and i find out that my team is.. 3 silvers, 1 gold and myself and the enemy team is 3 plats, 1 diamond and 1 silver. Now elo means nothing i'm aware but there is no denying that a platinum experienced player is going to dumpster someone who is at my skill level, evidently they're going to CS better, they're going to communicate pings better and know all exploits and weaknesses of players and let me just say being dumpstered by people 4 divisions better than you DOES NOT MAKE YOU IMPROVE, it pisses you off, and if you're 0/6 you kinda just want to afk or surrender which does not help the overall toxicity problem. **Game time and dedication** Each game lasts 30-45 minutes, you cant go eat you cant go to the toilet and you can't get to the door because if you go afk you get flamed and reported if you need to leave you get reported if you genuinely are dying YOU GET REPORTED. So in my opinion there is a general feeling of being trapped inside a video game for 45 minutes that coupled with people being downright rude and trolling once again bring out my toxicity I am not a toxic person but i seem to become toxic just playing this game, i've worked on my attitude many times and it is never actually rewarded or even acknowledged i mean who cares about having a banner over your name during loading screen? With me working 6 days a week i do not have the time to play a 45 minute game and lose from it, understandably you cannot win every game BUT losing feels 100x worse and winning feels.. okish. **Playing with friends/Making friends** Whenever i've attempted to play with some real life friends they either never take it seriously or they get super into it and start arguing with each other once in a game my friend stole a kill and my other friend insulted his wife, his family and his entire existence and just ran it down the lane and that was a gold promo game. Any attempt at making friends you add them you play 1 game and win, play another and lose and you play pretty bad and then you never speak to them again and they never invite you again. So all in all i'm a solo player which means i'm often placed in games with a premade 4 and let me tell you the sheer amount of straight out bullying and personal attacks just makes you really unengaged with the game and then if you even react to them you're 4x reported for toxicity. **Conclusion** I am now banned, for 14 days because i am now a Toxic player but i never started out toxic i started out ambitious and down for fun and over the years this game has driven my sanity and my overall wellbeing to the ground, I've no drive to play anymore and ill be uninstalling and never looking back, I'm aware that no ones going to agree with my points and that is totally fine i respect your opinions <3. Could anyone recommend any new games i could try? less frustrating and good communitys?
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