Can you report people for constantly spamming pings on you?

I mean like 10 pings in 10 sec without any purpose. So i had that situation in unranked draft, when i played teemo jungle, they had amumu jungle who kept focusing top, i helped nasus to maintain his lane and even secure two kills, tried also to gank bot but they were too feeded by our bot lane twitch and neeko. in halfway through the game twitch started complaining why i am playing teemo jungle and telling me to don't do that anymore, even though he lost his lane not to their jungler, only got outplayed by their adc+supp. i told thim that he didnt do well to judge others and that adc has usually greater impact on the game, as we was mainly losing to their feeded adc, twitch was something 0/10 and dealt less damage to heroes than me. but then everyone kept spamming pings on me, even these people i've helped, like the lose was only my fault, which is not true. the pinging spam is for me more stressing than even toxic flame chat, as it disturb my gameplay. so my particular question is, can i report them all for spam ping you? {{champion:17}}
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