My 10 year celebration 11 day ranking with explanations

11 > 5 > 6 > 9 > 10 > 2 > 8 > 3 > 7 > 1 > 4 Note before explanation: I'm glad that this event happened don't think I m ungrateful. 1. It's so low on my list because it's just not gonna be used by anyone ever. We have so many pretty emotes / icons / ward skins that this feels like a waste. // unlike zz'rot :( 2. 6300 is a lot of blue essence basically 7 lvl grind value, great reward. 3. Nice little touch. 4. I don't play TFT and I feel like it's not part of league - it's more of a separate game I think it shouldn't be a part of this event. 5. That's a lot of orange essence. You can almost make 3 epic / 2 legendary skins from that amount. 6. 4 skin shards perfect combo with day 5. 7. Until the prestige point shop with stuff cheaper than 100pp arrives (if it does at all) it's pretty worthless for players who haven't bought master chests for rp and other rp things so I can't really see a lot of value here. That's why its so low on my list. 8. You can get 4 champion shards or 3 keys which look like a good deal, but the 200 number suggests worlds orb which is not that great. 9. 2 master chests pretty good reward. 10. Random permanent (?) legendary skin. (hopefully not fiddle or draven) 11. Annie skin which I believe is only avaible from this event. That's why it's first on my list. Personally I'm really happy about this event. A lot of goodies. What is your opinion about my list, is your ranking diffrent?
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