Looking Back... And (Final?) Goodbye.

Well, it's been three good years, 3 meh years that progressively got worse, and 3 goodbyes... But I think this might be the last. Best memory I have of LoL? Getting a 1v5 Pentakill as Aatrox.. Back when outplay was really a thing... Worst memory Obviously the Aatrox Rework... But, I think this is it for real this time, Haven't played for two months, hopped on my Tryhard account for 2 games of norms and a ranked, And realised something, riot has given 0 Fucks about the health of the game, and only cares about the money they can make off of skins and Prestige Chromas.. still, And I get it, Riot, I like money too, Everyone would love to make $500k overnight on something that took what... 3 days to sketch up in paper and a week to make a working in game model? If that? Now, I still love LoL, Even though it's no longer a game of teamwork and unity, what drew me in all these years ago, The games still fun if you want to make a new account, get into Iron4 and 1v5 with Tank Karthus, but, as far as my streaming and enjoyment goes...? Think I'm gonna be sticking to RainbowSix Siege and PuB-G, It's just healthier gameplay wise than LoL will likely ever be agian. Love you Riot, Love you Shitty Community, Love you LoL, And Ahri Senpai... See you on the Dark side of the Moon space cowboys. NB4 "Nobody cares noob get rekt lmao I live in my mom's attic and eat bumbums all day." Haha.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
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