Why I uninstalled today

Ok so I used to play back when I was in high school, I played a lot and I was pretty good. Came back after like 4-5 ish years and was hoping to have some fun times on the good old league of legends. Was not what I expected. First off, they ruined like two of my mains, Akali and Katarina, at least for me. Why do they have to rework champions so hard like this? Then it's like if anyone wants to come back then good luck learning a whole new champion. Then they changed the runes and a bunch of other stuf and it just feels like some champions snowball so hard that if I or a teammate dies to them a few times we lose. Second, I feel like if I want to be good at the game I just have to learn the OP champions. I see like the same picks every game, whatever is at the top of the tier list on whatever website that is. If I want to actually have variety in my games and play different champs, then I will most likely lose, because Jax jungle right now is OP or whatever. Third, I honestly just feel like its a crap shoot every game if I will have a team that is good, and more importantly, not full of 12-year-olds. Like I feel like this community is so awful it makes me want to throw up every game. I don't know how Riot can fix this game, but as of right now, it's just not fun for me. I just find myself getting mad in games when I just wanted to have fun. I guess it was just ruined for me coming back to it and I really don't want to spend the time getting good at the game again, and even if I do, there's just the prospect of more 12-year-old idiots in my games.
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