hardstuck silver and trying to climb out,need solid advice

I have been silver for past 3 seasons due to various reasons, mainly not enough time spent playing games. I can normally be certain bot lane doesn't have issues and I try to roam quite a bit and get deep vision/assist jungle. I am a team player first and foremost and am not toxic in the least bit, try to make the right callouts and pings, and encourage the team even when we are losing. I have decent knowledge on bot lane. I watch high-level play on streams of my main champs as well as narrowing my champ pool down to about 4 champs.I'm sure my positioning and mechanics could get a lot better but I feel for silver they are decent and have laned against current gold players and could hold my own just fine. I do all of these things yet still fill like I am stuck in silver as I fluctuate from silver 2-4. I wanted to know if it is better for me to duo or will that actually stack the odds against me? I have heard that it makes the games much harder but wanted some kind of confirmation
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