New to LoL: Confessions of a HotS Addict

My friends drifted to League. One by one. People I played with, streamers I liked to watch. I'd queue up in Heroes of the Storm (Blizzard's MOBA, or, as they call it, hero brawler), and my friends lists in that game, would list a bunch of names, most of which were offline. These were people who played 12 hours a day. So I downloaded League. I thought, I'm going to get flamed, everyone says the LoL community is toxic. I'm going to get shredded by smurfs. I have no idea what to buy (there's no item system in HotS). I have to pick some random hero --- champion, rather --- who is probably a joke. That didn't happen, within two games, I had people on my LoL friends list. Helpful friends. Yes, I got smurfed, but my mechanics from LoL helped me be at least somewhat competitive in LoL. It's a fantastic game, with fantastic people: I haven't played a game of HotS since. Things I have found out about LoL: 1) I need to know when to rotate. In HotS, it's pretty clear, after playing for so long, when to rotate. 2) I suck at last hitting. A week into LoL, and I think I've gotten every minion from a wave maybe once. 3) I get deleted much faster here than in HotS. 4) Level leads mean so much more. 5) I literally go and help take bosses (Baron and the dragon), though I'm not 100% sure what they do yet. 6) People are generally UNtoxic, despite LoL's reputation for having a toxic community. 7) The support class in LoL doesn't 100% mean pure healer. It means, someone who can enable the ADC to power up and dominate. 8) I hate Teemo. If anyone wants to add me as a friend, it's Fhizzix. And no, I didn't know there was a hero --- CHAMPION --- named Fizz when I made the account, I was planning on making HotS tutorial videos titled "Fhizzix Lessons," (like, physics).
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