"It's Flex"

This is the most toxic thing I've ever seen while playing this game. This queue is such a joke, to where people literally don't take it serious by any forms of matter. It's only used for 3-5 man parties who are high as a kite, trying out stupid shit like Redemption Urgot and flame you for absolutely no reason. People don't care that it's a form of ranked queue, they just give me the "It's flex" when i'm over here busting my ass trying to get my bonus rewards, for I've already got gold in solo queue. The funny thing is, I'm GAURENTEED to see this from at least one of my teammates every game, that's how frequent this bullshit comes up in my games. Flex is better off just getting removed from the face of the planet at this point, it's a legit joke, and is taken less seriously than blind pick.
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