Things from dota 2 that would be good in league

So I am not trying to be a troll or seek attention, these are actual things from dota 2 that I think would be good in league and would not change league into dota 2 from a gameplay perspective. All of these things I ask for are outside of gameplay. 1. The ability to preview skins in game before we buy it. What I am asking for is for a way to go into the league testing tool (or is it called the practice tool?) with a chosen skin equipped to see what spell effects it changes and what it looks like. I don't mean to call riot a bunch of scammers, but splash art does not always match the ingame skin, and I would like for there to be way to see how the skins look in game through league of legends itself as opposed to having to go to some third party site like youtube. This would allow us to make better choices on which skins to buy, and also see some of the bonus effects the expansive skins have, like changing music and such. 2. The ability to have full on ingame guides as opposed to just item builds. In dota 2, not only do you have the ability to make a item build in game for heroes, you can also share them and use ones made by others. In addition to that, you also get a level up guide that tells you which skills to get at what level, and you can make a write up to explain how to use each ability and items. This system would not benefit veterans, but I feel it would help new players a lot if they did not need to go searching around for a guide on how to play certain champions. Having it all in game makes it more convenient and therefore more likely for new players to use, and would decrease the learning curve of league. So yeah, these are two features from dota 2 that I feel should be in league that also won't ruin the game for those who prefer league over dota. What are your thoughts on these features being in league? I understand that they are not needed, but most quality of life changes are not 100% needed changes, and I think these changes would make the game more friendly to new players and more convenient. Here's to hoping riot reads these forums and considers adding such features. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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