What gaming company has won you over as a lifetime supporter?

For me, it's Klei. From their business model, their gaming updates, their game design, their artwork and their playerbase relations. I got to a point where even if I don't play the game they release, I'd just buy it to support them. The degree of their work is reflected in steam reviews, and let's be honest a lot of steam users leave negative for the most ridiculous reasons but it's not so much with their games. Oxygen not included, an early access game has a 93% total positive review of 15315 users with a 99% recent positive review of 2841 users. That's insane for an EA game that hasn't even been released yet. Unlike most EA games, Klei actually plans on finishing their game like how they did it with Don't starve together. Now Don't starve together has, 96% positive review of 63998 users and a 98% positive recent review of 5920 users. Don't starve single players without DLC has a 96% positive of 48472 users, and a 97% positive recent review of 2364 users. The price? All three added together is less than what it cost to buy an AAA game. Their DLC isn't as expensive as other DLCs and yet still add meaty hours of content. This is what gaming companies should aspire to be. A sustainable business model which generates profit but not fucking over your playerbase with cash grabs while keeping an well updated and balanced game.
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