Hey guys I looking for a duo partner

Hey guys I looking for a duo partner Im in bronze 3 I fell from bronze 1 silver promos to bronze 3. It has come to my realization that I can't do this alone. Im human and Im not a challenger player. I simply need people that are willing to work with me. Im tired of feeling like I'm playing alone in a team game and its affecting me negatively. I humbly ask for some help I don't intend on forcing anyone tobdo anything that they dont want to and thats just it I cant control my team . -So thanyou I'm looking for a duo partner . Im bronze 3 -510+ games in -Willing to learn and listen and understand if you do the same -I blame myself -On a 10 game losing streak -not letting my passed deternine my future If you can duo with me friend my profile (DikGod) . If you think Im a waste of time that's ok Im sorry for wasting your time
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