What is wrong with matchmaking?

Ok, so normally I don't care. I'd rather play against higher elo players to make myself improve, but tonight I had something happen that I feel like needs to be brought to someone's attention, even if its just other players. (I don't really know who these posts can reach, I just play league) I usually do a quick op.gg search before my games, but its kind of screwy since the new patch, and I've kinda been just winging it, and playing every game. So, as I load into the rift for game 3 of my promo series to Silver 2, I notice my support is playing way out of position against a Draven Leona lane. Of course, they hit level 2, and she's dead. 45 seconds later she's back, and 10 seconds after that she's dead. I look up at the ticker, and 4 minutes into this game the score is 0/6. Two from my support, Three from top, and one from the jungler. I mention that everyone should play safer, and the response I got actually blew my mind a little. "Yea, sorry about that, this is the first time I've ever done bad on Riven. Maybe because ITS MY FIRST RANKED GAME". And no, she wasn't talking about for the night, or even the season. First. Ever. Needless to say the game is a stomp. It's like 30-5 at 15 minutes. The new players won't ff. Finally get out of there, and look up what had just happened. That's what brings me here. I'm trying to understand how, in your competitive mode, this is allowed to happen. I know I'm not the greatest player in the world, but I've been to high gold, and I'm trying to push Plat this season, but there have been so many just straight up one-sided games like this one (this one is far and away the worst). Maybe I'm just unlucky and eventually it will fix itself, but I can't imagine how, especially when I learned that the game I just played had put my team up against a gold top laner, jungler, bot, and support, with a silver mid laner. Pretty balanced, except for the fact that my team was made up of a bronze jungle and support, and IRON top and mid laner. I wasn't a fan of the new split ranking system in the first place, because a diamond player is going to have better mechanics and awareness than a gold or plat player no matter what role they are in. That was before. Now, I may not even play anymore until a change is made. I'm not an LCS player who can just say oh man 3 of my teammates are inting, and just go win 1v5. I have to put real effort into climbing, and it is time consuming because I'm not able to carry an 80% winrate like those guys. All I care about is that the games are fair. I can live with losses in evenly matched games, it happens. What isn't fair is for a player who is doing all they can to climb being put into a game where 100% literally the only way they can win is if all 5 of their opponents internet goes out, and that's not an exaggeration.
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