Spoilers for BFA and Sylvanas

Pages of the novel for Before the Storm are available for preview Anduin convinced Sylvanas to let humans meet their forsaken family members in a field Some members want to return to live with these family members and starts running towards the alliance camp with their families Sylvanas has her forsaken killed, all of them, because she fears that those who desired to return home will conspire against her. She sees Carlia Menethil in the field (who was helping Anduin) and Carlia is the rightful heir to the undercity. So Sylvanas murders her. A Naaru raises Carlia as undead somehow. Wow nice subtle storytelling blizzard. What’s next Sylvanas gets corrupted by an old god and then Carlia leads the Forsaken? Oh the new zones are full of old god corruption? Ffs blizzard really?
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