What is your favourite thing about League?

League is a game shrouded in negativity, for every 1 Voyboy, beaming out good vibes & chill, there are a 100 toxic players who AFK after one death because "insert champion" is broken & "insert team mate" is trash. However, this shift in negativity is becoming the heart & soul of the community... If you were to sum up the community in one word, to a friend or potential new player what would it be? "competitive" maybe, "supportive" definitely not, "toxic", almost certainly... With every new champ, update, rework, nerf or Buff is met with a chorus of complaints, moaning & hate, I ask you all to help me flip the trend... What is your favourite thing about League? We all play it for a reason, so what's yours? Climbing the ladder, watching worlds or just getting excited about a new skin for your main, this game gives us a lot to appreciate. My favourite thing about League is the law, I got into this game just as jhin was released and even though I suck with him, his law, character design and part in "awaken" got me amped to find a match and start 4th shotting enemies left and right. Whatever it is that makes you "find match" day after day, please, share it. And some good vibes to the community.

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