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Hi, I have troubles with the K/DA stream overlay. The download is in photoshop and looks like this when opened on another software ( https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/443074019613212692/511142335015550996/unknown.png ) plus you can't use a .psd file in obs so the file is unusable Then i thought let's use player.me, 1st thing I realized is that the overlay is set up for 100 size HUD no problem let's just resize the overlay right well on player.me your capture preview is of a static iamge of whatever game you're playing not the actual game that's open so the HUD is at 100 size on this image so you have to change it save then check if it's good but whatever inconvenient but can do with that then I realize the overlay is completely wrong too the stat/mastery button is a circle on the overlay when it's been since the new reworked runes that it has changed the screenshot they based themselves on to make the overlay is extremely old just look at it yourself ( https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/443074019613212692/511144653370687498/Sans_titre_1.jpg ) Trinket icon has changed phantom dancer's too and of course the stats/runes icon Also the client is not detected by player.me but you can't even force a window to be detected. Player.me is very complete with annimations that would make the stream way more alive but it's unusable because of how clunky and bad it is the downloadable version is unusable due to having a the screenshot of the game behind and even if you find a way to get the overlay without the game behind it's still wrong. Unusable overlay please give us a usable version it's very well made if we forget all the issues it has it's just very beautiful just give us the .png of all the elements of the overlay and we can use it Thank you
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