Riot Sanjuro fired but should he had been fired from his job?

Like damn I thought what Sanjuro said was beyond stupid wishing death of some one but him getting fired from his job is overboard if you ask me. People which hunt him non stop and i felt sort of bad for the dude and now that he is fired from a job it made me feel worst for him, I always believed that people deserve a chance and first time punishment to boot but firing him for a one time offence is just plain cold. Just think of yourself in his position how would you feel if you got fired over a first time offence?<Fired which results in you losing everything that means no pay no help and heck he might had moved to LA to work at Riot so he is all alone in LA with no family to help him out. I don't want to defend Sanjuro he did deserve to be punished but to the point of him losing his job and lively hood was not the step that should had been taken, he should had been suspended and disciplined like all players who get a chance are reforming before even going close to deciding that he should be fired. Also no, no Rioters should not be held at a higher standard they are just like players too and make mistake like everyone does just remember your job and think when you make 1 mistake and they fired you with out giving you a warning what would you feel like?
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