"So won't making Kayle be this powerful late game be kind of hard to balance?"

"Actually super easy, barely an inconvenience. We'll just make it so she literally can't lane against anything for 30 minutes making it entirely pointless to play her in any actual competitive setting." Not that I've had all that many games on her today, but I feel pretty safe stating that. This is a champion that feels like it's best suited to the funnel meta, and could in fact bring it back about as she can start relic shield while a karma/zilean/lulu can start frostmancy style and then build a protect the kayle comp around it. I can't really see any other legitimate way to play her at a competitive level at the moment and I kinda have the feeling that playing her this way will actually be pretty broken. Theory craft Kayle comp edit 1: How about this as a way to play kayle. Start with banning some of the premier seige picks like jayce and zoe. If possible get in an azir ban as well. Pick alistar, sion and either Ashe or jhin on first pick rotation. Follow it up with kayle (smite user) and a lulu/karma/zilean (Zilean exp buffs on kayle mmmmmmm). Start at a buff camp, preferably with a bot side leash, then have the funnelers run over to mid lane where the frostmancy user harasses and the kayle clears the wave. After pushing in run to clear your other camps as fast as you can to funnel gold and exp into kayle and return to catch mid wave every time it pushes in. Side lanes have to play pretty safe since ganks won't be coming often (making Ashe really valuable here, and Tahm could pair with her but we need more comp engage than just sion I think). Eventually frostmancy "mid" can complete the quest and start holding mid alone with wave clear and use the extra vision for deep wards whenever kayle comes to push in and soak waves, coupled with Ashe arrows for extreme information advantage and kayle can solo camps quickly while running through mid to soak as many waves as possible. Turtle, turtle, turtle, and then when kayle hits 16 look to use the team's ward advantage to create a bad fight around a nuetral objective and actually 5v5 the enemy team, then melt the nuetral and push for the win. This actually seems like a good place to start for how to play an effective kayle comp.
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