Another Placements ruined

2 Games in and I'm already anxious about placements. First Game wasn't so bad except I was clearly playing with a weird diversity of skill level. Can't blame my allies for just playing, but when my Jungle is roughly Bronze and their's is roughly Gold... my poor J4 literally getting chased out of his own Jungle all game while their Lee takes his camps then spam dives across terrain for quick ganks.. snowballing the whole lane phase because now my inexperienced team is on a funky wave spawn and their lanes are getting freed up to get easy map control... that's just the game though you know? You win some you lose some, count your losses and let's get a win next game. I'm ready for Game 2. My mid laner: /all: First time Yas ranked Needless to say Lux got a huge confidence boost.... Then at around lvl 7 my Jungler dcs... And we lose a game we should have won... Mind you at the 5 minute mark I gave us a HUGE lead. I forgot to switch runes from my Tahm in Game 1 to Teemo in Game 2.. so I'm working extra hard to make sure I'm using my runes (Grasp).. I get a quick double kill when I bully my enemy Nid to turret and our mids and jungles brought a fight into top river.. my mid and jungle died just as I got there but I picked up the double and ran back to top to meet nid.. she recalled, I recalled. Literally the moment I get to base I see their Bot lane is overextended.. TP bot and pick up the kill on their support and adc.. both our mid laners tried joining the battle but cut each other off in river and as I chased Lux out their J4 got caught out and I killed him again and our Eve picks up Lux. First 5 minutes the score is 6/2 and I'm 5/0/1. I base and get my Haunting Guise. J4 is ganking heavy but making no progress because I have Nid pinned down bad.. Yasuo is getting pinned down by Lux and our Eve is having issues crossing Mid.. Bot Lane is pretty deadlock even.. and our Evelynn dcs. I guess I got cocky and the universe decided to teach me humility bc at 5 minute I look to my gf and said "Im pretty sure we just won".. I really think "Loss Prevented" needs to be enforced in these situations. The ongoing problem with a loss prevention is that people will just close client to save rank.. But the probelm is the same without it because going AFK just gives the other team a HUGE advantage and almost guarentees them a win.
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