Riot - Can you please take another look at the new Sona skin before releasing it?

I was just talking with some friends and other Sona mains and it seems to be the general consensus that this new Sona skin is incredibly lackluster. The initial impression is that her appearance in the trailer looks way more like Karma than Sona. I'm not sure if it's the hood and ring around her neck or just her face, but her one, random appearance in the video was super offputting. Even thematically, this theme would fit Karma way better than Sona. The character model is the real criminal here though, it's just a total mess. The hood and face legitimately remind me of Iron Inquisitor Kayle and it's super creepy to look at. On top of this, it's a bulky skin with random accessories, making her honestly look like a giant ward. I'm not sure what the stuff around her shoulders is supposed to be. The last thing that struck me as odd with the in-game model is that it just looks like a reskin of DJ. It legitimately looks like the exact same suit, except recolored near the bottom so it looks like she just doesn't have legs. I appreciate you guys including Sona in a new skin line, but please, at least bring it up to the quality of the other skins. EDIT:
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