Buying 25 rune pages, should simply remove the rune page limit, up to like 100 rune pages.

I've got 25 rune pages on my main account. I also like to make custom item pages for my champions. And lately, I've been changing my champ pool fairly frequently (working out the kinks in my epic strategies, you know). I am allowed to keep up to 100 item pages, but only 25 rune pages. I hate to lose my hard work in making these pages, so I've been saving my item pages, even for champs that I've removed from my champ pool, in case later I change my mind and decide to bring some of those champs back out of the bag. But while I've been able to keep all my old item pages, I've been having to delete some of my old rune pages to make room for the new ones, as my champ pool has continued to change. And that makes me sad. Can Riot plz make it so that if you buy the maximum number of rune pages, it will unlock it for you, so that you can create as many rune pages as item pages? I'm pretty sure the item page limit is 100, so it would be nice if the rune page limit was the same. Every upvote causes a far away fairytale character to be relieved of problems with constipation.
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