Sett's Calling Card Issue

Hi. So i've been hyped af for Sett ever since i got the first sneak peek at him and when he launched in live servers, i spammed unlock on him. So i spent the 7800 BE for him. The thing is, after resetting the client because of server issues, a video popped up talking about how the calling card would give me Sett for free, and i got the calling card, i was wondering, if perhaps i could use the calling card for anything else, or if Riot could refund me the Champion so i can get him through the calling card. Since everyone i knew was talking about how the Calling Card giving Sett was too good to be true, i didn't even think about opening it first, not to mention i couldnt open it at the time already. So can anyone help me out here? Thanks (P.S: I don't really know what board this belongs to, since it's not a bug and stuff.)

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