Are South African Servers Even Being Considered?

As a South African player it is still to this day, after 4 years of playing extremely irritating and unfair playing with a minimal ping of 196ms. There has been no official statement to new servers recently and players have been left in the dark after being told "it is being considered and nothing can be disclosed as of this time." Can we talk about what challenged we face putting in new servers? Is it the problem of not having a high enough player basis? Well then lets do a pole or something to figure out the problem, why aren't we talking about these types of things? Personally as a player i would not like to feel handicapped something that is uncontrollable by me but hey, that's just me. I will personally get hold of internet providers that provide servers for rust, counterstrike, arma 3 if it means theres a chance of us having lower ping. You have a community here, don't forget about us.
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