How does Riot go about Punishing Players?

I'm genuinely curious if Riot even bans, or if it's luck that a toxic player is banned. This person wasn't the only vile player I've come across in the last 2-3 months. Explained more near the end. Last night we had a toxic ass enemy jungler, taunting the whole game, shit talking etc etc. Despite being behind early we worked together extremely well, ignored him, and won the game. But during he would say horrible shit like "I'm going to slit your daughter's neck", "Kill yourselves pls", and "Neck yourselves". Obviously several of us reported him after the game. But the next day I checked out of curiosity and this guy still has not been punished. Does it take a certain amount of time? Or does Riot seriously not give a shit? And these aren't mentally stable insults either, this guys is straight up saying he's going to murder someone, and telling people to die. I've also seen racist comments (literal hard R several times) and homophobic insults and nothing happened to those players either. Is there actually anything stopping people from just being toxic? Because they seem to be getting away with it just fine. Also a side note, before you ask "Why is your all chat on then?". It's to say ggwp at the end. Not expecting the enemy team to say they're gonna kill someone.
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