We need to stand up to those who think "git gud" is an acceptable thing to say

Seriously people. This is not heckin' okay. By telling someone to get good, or as the lowlifes who perpetuate this toxicity would would it "git gud", you are directly implying that that the target of said statement is not, in fact, good. You are even going so far as to imply they are unskilled. On top of being toxic and outright malicious, you are also displaying bullying and even tyrannical tendencies. You are ordering them to change their behavior or actions away from what you in your arrogance deemed to be bad, in order to "git" to the "gud" behavior you are implying. The hurbis of such a statement astounds me. Honestly it is a petty form of sadism deigned to allow insecure and weak minded people to push others beneath them in order to prop themselves up. it allows the most wicked among us to sit on other's shoulders to pretend they are tall. Society simply cannot function as long as we tolerate such unacceptable behavior. We need to take a stand. And before you mention it, no it being "non-malicious" and "clearly a meme" isn't a valid excuse. League isn't a game people. It's a way of life. The intent doesn't matter. The effect the statement has doesn't matter. A sense of "reason" doesn't matter. These are all just rationalization to allow evil to prevail. As Kayle put it: "The moment justice bends, it breaks." We have to draw the line here. We have to take a stand. All it takes for evil to prevail is for a few good men to do nothing. If we allow such abhorrent behavior to prevail at a petty level like this, where does it end? Before long society will have crumbled into absolute anarchy, and life as we know it will be dead.
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